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Ed Kessler, Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide, review of Shedding For The Wedding

From the desk of Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide’s publisher, Ed Kessler:

Shedding for the Wedding Reviews

Publisher of the Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide

“Meet my friend and DPWG advertiser Tracey Cope with Shedding for the Wedding.  She has a special deal for You, but first, let me tell you my story.

Tracey and her husband Drew gave me a month’s worth of their product and guaranteed I would lose weight, improve my health and feel good (and I wouldn’t have to give up my occasional beer!) Have to admit, I was skeptical.

In one month, I lost 15 pounds, felt more energetic, and even stopped drinking copious amounts of coffee because I didn’t feel like I needed nor wanted it. At the November Networking luncheon, several people commented that I looked great and that my “gut’ had disappeared. It is now the end of January and I have kept off that 15 pounds and continued to feel and look great.

Now our good friends at Shedding for the Wedding have an opportunity for you to try their product at a very low cost. Go to this website where you can now order single serving samples of their products for a small shipping fee (a healthy, full meal replacement, for less than than any other on-the-go lunch you buy)

You can also visit them on their FB at and read more result stories & check out their 5 Star Reviews on Please share with your friends that are looking to change their health and their lives.”


My coaching staff and I are here to help you and your whole bridal party reach your health and wellness goals prior to your big day. Call 484-758-0008, or email and we’ll help you choose the right starter program for your personal goals!


a promise from our founder, Tracey Cope

My Promise…

1) For the bride who is unhappy with her size, shape, weight or appearance who wants healthy, safe, real, lifestyle change based weight loss, increased energy, and lean muscle development with no yoyo rebound and no wedding diet scams, pills, feeding tubes, or one hit wonders…  our coaches promise to help you lose 6 to 9 lbs in 11 days by (80%) teaching you how to use the most COMPLETE system of the HIGHEST QUALITY nutritionally dense super foods available to safely release pounds and inches quickly, with only 20 minutes of light exercise every other day (20%).


2) Backed by peer reviewed scientific studies, five star Perfect Wedding Guide customer reviews, and a money back guarantee… we address the need for high quality, common sense nutrition that leads to RESULTS in a world of deficient, pesticide laden, genetically modified, chemical soaked, artificially colored and flavored processed food choices that leave you toxic, bloated, exhausted, overfeed, and under nourished.


3)  We personally understand the frustration each bride and bridal party member experiences as they struggle follow a wedding workout routine 5 days a week with no measureable weight-loss results while trying to prepare for a wedding DREAM come true.   My coaches and I will work with you daily to achieve your individual & bridal party wedding team goals.



— Tracey Cope —
(855) 21-GOALS




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