May 8th Call: Dr. John Gray on pregnancy & newborns

Dr John Gray Ph.D

Dr. John Gray is one of the nation’s leading doctors in brain chemistry.  On this conference call, which took place on Wednesday,

May 8th at 8pm EST, Dr. Gray helps us understand how to prepare your womb naturally to maximize your chances of conception and implantation, how to nourish your growing little one to improve brain and hormonal health upon delivery, balance your own changing hormones and brain chemistry naturally to stay energized and happy during and after delivery and jump-start your baby’s brain development, immunity, and overall health after delivery.

Who do you know who is trying to get pregnant, is pregnant or has a child newborn to four or five years old?  PLEASE send them a link to this blog post so they can get this important information.

This is the second call in our series with Dr. Gray.    Click on the podcast button above to review his other call on how to help children who are having trouble focusing in school or who lack of continued attention span…   John Gray gives some great tips to help and the answers he has used to help so many clients!

This conference call was recorded with renowned author, researcher and TV personality, Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., who uses his 30+ years of research on body and brain chemistry, to help moms do everything in their power to give their children the best start possible discussing pregnancy, infertility, breast feeding, infants toddlers, and related topics…

Listen to the recorded call in Mp3 form here…

John’s books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages.  His groundbreaking book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, was the best-selling book of the 1990s.

If you are interested in obtaining the Dr. Gray products and minerals discussed in this call, please contact me and I’ll help you open an account and place your order or you can visit this link…  John Gray Mars Venus Mineral Solutions…


–Tracey Cope—

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