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TDOSI Syndrome, TDOSI protocol, Peter Greenlaw

Peter GreenlawWhat an incredible presentation by Peter Greenlaw on the five factors of the TDOSI Syndrome and multifaceted protocol that deals with the issue from all sides. Greenlaw is credited with identifying the T.D.O.S.I Syndrome and discussed his research at the Kennett Square Golf and Country Club on Tuesday… (TDOSI is an acronym for toxicity, deficiency, obesity, stress and inflammation.) These five co-factors are destructive enough singly. Working together, as now, their effects are magnified. The resulting explosion in disease statistics is reflected in the stats below, premature aging, and ultimately shortened life expectancy. Greenlaw has also identified a 5-step system to combat the effects, put together by the Mineral Man, Dr. John Anderson. This is the system of solutions that we primarily teach and coach at – which is why our clients have such great results, as you can read in our 5-star reviews (link to the right).

An estimated 10,000 chemicals are used to produce food, yet only about 300 have ever been tested for the damage they do to the human body. United States government agencies, besieged by food manufacturers’ lobbyists, have failed to act on this use of chemicals in the food supply.

“It’s an atrocity how our health is at risk from ingesting chemical toxins combined with nutritional deficiency in our food,” notes Peter Greenlaw, a researcher into health issues and toxicity. “This continued promotion of nutritionally bankrupt foods is having dire consequences on the human body’s ability to fight off diseases and live healthier longer.”

For example we now know that toxicity and deficiency are playing a huge role in obesity’s dramatic increase; obesity contributes to stress and inflammation. Obesity is projected to affect 80% of the population by 2020.

Greenlaw is leading a new health discussion, taking the offensive on preventive health measures and unraveling all five co-factors of THE T.D.O.S.I SYNDROME. He also shares new findings on premature aging:

Peter Greenlaw is the voice for what you are NOT hearing from cutting edge health science research. His book “Why Diets Are Failing Us! And What You Can Do To Get Healthy Now,” is the result of ten years of researching the impact of toxicity on wellness, health and obesity. He has become one of the leading spokesmen on this subject. Greenlaw’s research includes reading over 500 books and conducting more than 10,000 hours of research.

Published in 2012, the book is the result of his research and collaboration with Dr. William Andrews, PhD (in population genetics and molecular biology who is responsible for discovering the enzyme telomerase that is the key to aging) and John Anderson, regarded as one of the world’s greatest nutritional chemists who over the past 30 years has formulated over 2300 nutritional products for over 650 companies.

DISEASE FACTS: Food has become nutritionally bankrupt. Intake of toxins increases health problems.

— Leading authorities report that 99 percent of the American people are deficient in important minerals. A marked deficiency in any one or more important minerals results in disease.

— Recently in five public studies, researchers found, from thousands of volunteers, an average of 700 toxic chemicals in every person tested.

— More than one million people out of 330 million will die of cardiovascular disease this year. In 1930, out of a population of 123 million, less than 3000 people died of heart disease.

— In 1990, one in fifteen women got breast cancer. This year, it’s one in eight. In ten years, if current trends continue, it’s estimated that one in three women will get breast cancer. Source: National Cancer Society.

— In 1990, three in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism. Today it is one in 102.

— Of three babies born in the United States today, one in three will develop diabetes in their lifetimes. Source: American Diabetes Association.

— In July 2005 study done by The Environmental Working group, in conjunction with the American Red Cross, tested the cord blood of newborns and found an average of 287 toxic chemicals in every single baby, including 180 toxins that cause cancer.

— See the appendix in Greenlaw’s book for the citations for these statistics.  Call 484-758-0008 for details on how to get a copy.

Dr. John Gray Ph.D helps kids with focus & attention

Dr John Gray Ph.DWe had an incredible conference call with John Gray (Author, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus) on Wednesday evening… If you have children who are having trouble focusing in school or a Lack of continued attention span… you want to listen to this call!!!! John Gray gives some great tips to help and the answers he has used to help so many clients!

Learn the causes, symptoms, and natural solutions from renowned national expert on brain chemistry, Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

This conference call was recorded with renowned author, researcher and TV personality, Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., who uses his 30+ years of research on body and brain chemistry, to tackle a growing epidemic in this country, ADD/ADHD in adults and children.  With a steady 5% increase in this disorder every single year, he speaks in plain English on what causes inhibited dopamine function, why it happens and how to remedy the problem in a way that heals and strengthens the body long-term.

Listen to the recorded call in Mp3 form here…

There is a follow up call with Dr. Gray in early May which will be discussing pregnancy, infertility, breast feeding, infants toddlers, and related topics…

John’s books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages.  His groundbreaking book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, was the best-selling book of the 1990s.

If you are interested in obtaining the Dr. Gray products and minerals discussed in this call, please contact me and I’ll help you set up an account and place your order.


–Tracey Cope—

Terry Reisler (443) 909-6083 joins the team

We are excited to welcome Terry Reisler to our team.   Terry is helping us get the word out by calling Brides-to-Be and sharing our program.   Terry can be reached at… 443-909-6083

Welcome Terry!  We’re excited you have joined us.

–Tracey Cope–

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