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IsaPhilly Summit – April 6th

IsaPhillySummit April 6th, 2013Come learn everything you can from a man who has earned 33 million dollars in the last 10 years, from the DJ who is listed as the TOP recruiting coach on our team, with over 1000 enrollee’s on his team, and the foremost nutritional product expert and a certified nutritionist.

If you are serious about your health, your wealth, your sport, or your fitness, this is a day you need to mark on your calendar.    You’ll be inspired by the story of a butcher of 40 years & father of 6 kids who went from a $400,000 total take home salary at his retirement to earning over $700,000 per month.   You meet Fat Tony… who ain’t so fat no more.  Not only has he become fit, but he’s inspired and helped over 1,000 others to do the same in just 3 short years… And that’s less than half the line up. Continue reading “IsaPhilly Summit – April 6th” »

Live Healthier Longer – April 16

Live Healthier Longer with Peter Greenlaw April 16, 2013Best selling author, Peter Greenlaw will be giving a lecture on his new book, Why Diets are Failing us Tuesday, April 16th.  He’ll be presenting the culmination of years worth of research into the effects of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, GMO’s and more on our food, air and water, and in turn, on our ability to lose weight and build muscle.

Please e-mail to RSVP.   Plan to arrive at the Kennett Square Golf and Country Club, 100 east Locust Lane, Kennett Square PA 19348 between 6:30 and 6:45 PM.  The workshop will begin promptly at 7 PM.

Peter will be autographing his book which you can order from Amazon using this link…

Regional Meeting – April 17

JimmySmith & Chris NishJoin us for a unique opportunity to learn about the latests product and income bonus pool releases from the home office in Chandler AZ.   Jimmy is set to share his story and you’ll meet others who have improved their health, fitness and have replaced their incomes while doing it.   Mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 17th…

Doors open at 7 PM… and the meeting will run 7:30 to 9pm.  Join us at the Sheraton Hotel, 707 East Lancaster Avenue, Frazer, PA  19355.

E-mail to RSVP

Regional Meeting – May 15

JimmySmithJimmy Smith, the top coach and income earner in the company, shares his story in an effort to pay it forward and help others move further along the road to health and prosperity.  Jimmy will share his story and you’ll meet others who have improved their health, fitness and have replaced their incomes while doing it.   Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 15th… Doors open at 7 PM, meeting 7:30-9 PM.

Sheraton Hotel, 707 East Lancaster Avenue , Frazer, PA 19355


World Water Day 2013

Tomorrow, Friday March 22nd is World Water Day.

DidShedding for the Wedding supports Humankind Water you know that 1 in 7 people on this planet lack clean sanitary drinking water?  That’s over 1 billion people, many of them children.   5000 kids die every day from illnesses related to drinking unclean drinking water.   That’s almost enough to fill a minor league baseball stadium.

In 2012, Humankind Water won a national contest sponsored by Walmart, beating out 4000 other products, as the number one requested new product for Walmart shelves.   We were stocked in 200 stores on the east coast.
Lets make sure we sell out on March 22nd!

To learn more about the world water crisis and how you can help, please visit and watch the video on what you can do.

Click around their site for more details, like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter.


Ed Kessler, Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide, review of Shedding For The Wedding

From the desk of Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide’s publisher, Ed Kessler:

Shedding for the Wedding Reviews

Publisher of the Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide

“Meet my friend and DPWG advertiser Tracey Cope with Shedding for the Wedding.  She has a special deal for You, but first, let me tell you my story.

Tracey and her husband Drew gave me a month’s worth of their product and guaranteed I would lose weight, improve my health and feel good (and I wouldn’t have to give up my occasional beer!) Have to admit, I was skeptical.

In one month, I lost 15 pounds, felt more energetic, and even stopped drinking copious amounts of coffee because I didn’t feel like I needed nor wanted it. At the November Networking luncheon, several people commented that I looked great and that my “gut’ had disappeared. It is now the end of January and I have kept off that 15 pounds and continued to feel and look great.

Now our good friends at Shedding for the Wedding have an opportunity for you to try their product at a very low cost. Go to this website where you can now order single serving samples of their products for a small shipping fee (a healthy, full meal replacement, for less than than any other on-the-go lunch you buy)

You can also visit them on their FB at and read more result stories & check out their 5 Star Reviews on Please share with your friends that are looking to change their health and their lives.”


My coaching staff and I are here to help you and your whole bridal party reach your health and wellness goals prior to your big day. Call 484-758-0008, or email and we’ll help you choose the right starter program for your personal goals!


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