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a promise from our founder, Tracey Cope

My Promise…

1) For the bride who is unhappy with her size, shape, weight or appearance who wants healthy, safe, real, lifestyle change based weight loss, increased energy, and lean muscle development with no yoyo rebound and no wedding diet scams, pills, feeding tubes, or one hit wonders…  our coaches promise to help you lose 6 to 9 lbs in 11 days by (80%) teaching you how to use the most COMPLETE system of the HIGHEST QUALITY nutritionally dense super foods available to safely release pounds and inches quickly, with only 20 minutes of light exercise every other day (20%).


2) Backed by peer reviewed scientific studies, five star Perfect Wedding Guide customer reviews, and a money back guarantee… we address the need for high quality, common sense nutrition that leads to RESULTS in a world of deficient, pesticide laden, genetically modified, chemical soaked, artificially colored and flavored processed food choices that leave you toxic, bloated, exhausted, overfeed, and under nourished.


3)  We personally understand the frustration each bride and bridal party member experiences as they struggle follow a wedding workout routine 5 days a week with no measureable weight-loss results while trying to prepare for a wedding DREAM come true.   My coaches and I will work with you daily to achieve your individual & bridal party wedding team goals.



— Tracey Cope —
(855) 21-GOALS




7 Day Outlook Challenge


– Upon waking: Smile. To yourself, to your significant other, to your dog. Just smile.

– Walking out your door: Pay a compliment to the first person you have a conversation with. Whomever they are, for whatever reason, it will probably feel uncomfortable but DO IT.

– When you’re at work, school, or the gym: Support someone else’s efforts. If they’re trying to learn something new, starting a new project, showing up to the gym for the first time, or going for a max effort or personal best, let them know you notice.

Repeat these steps every day for a week.

Mini Challenge Complete!


Your challenge will increase emotional stability, energy, happiness, and camaraderie. It will also decrease stress and lack of energy.

Your challenge isn’t complicated, loaded with time consuming check-ins, or beyond your ability level.

This challenge isn’t focused toward one particular group, it’s community wide. It’s an out in the world challenge. It’s meant to carry you from waking to sleeping and everything in between.

Upon completion, the hope is that the challenge has a lasting effect. That it had a positive effect on your one week, so you want to continue your efforts and make things a little better every day.

A couple weeks after you’re finished with the challenge, if you feel the effects are starting to dwindle, bookmark this article and come read it again to start the process over.


Photos from Fort San Juan, Puerto Rico

While on our business training cruise in the Bahamas, we had the opportunity to tour the San Juan National Histotic site Castillo San Cristobal… what an incredible experience. One of our friends on the tour had a problem with his camera, so here are the photos we took. Adwela, hope you enjoy these! Blessings!

Rick & Ruth Ann Cope





Earn a FREE CRUISE with us in 2014…

Earn a Free Cruise in 2014

We’re just getting back from an amazing 10-day Pay-cation business training trip to the Bahamas, San Jaun, the US Virgin Islands, and Grand Turk and we had an incredible time.   You can check out photos on our facebook page

How about joining us next year!! Enjoy RESIDUAL INCOME at it’s best, along with the side bonus of education while at sea, and AMAZING home based business tax write offs!!  Get with me after the 21st and I will show you how you can earn this cruise next year for FREE!! That’s right, FREE!!

Step 1: you need to sign up for our coaching program and place your first order before you can qualify for our group cruise plan.

Step 2: you need to watch this presentation on You+2, Them+2.

Step 3: you need to enroll two friends, and bring them to one of our upcoming events.  Contact me for details 484-758-0008 or

Step 4: you need to fill out the Intent to Cruise agreement… Barefoot2014_IntentToCruiseAgreement_CopeReferral and send it in with your deposit.  Be sure to let me know you are coming so that I can ensure you are included with Team Cope on all pre-cruise updates.

Contact me with questions…


Going to a Fancy Dinner is FUN again!

Trying on dresses for the formal dinners on our cruise
I’m trying on clothes today that I haven’t worn in years, including one dress from my Sr. Year of high school!   I can’t believe that I’m back into some of these.   This dress was so hot, my hubby yanked out his phone and snapped a photo so I thought I’d share.   Yes, that is my kitchen behind me.   Do you understand why I’m so passionate about helping brides get healthy and lose weight?  It does so much for your confidence, and it really begins to make life FUN again.   Whether you have 5 lbs to lose or 50 lbs… or maybe you are an athlete and want to improve your stamina and performance… We can coach you on a plan that will work for you.  Order a product sample here… and you’ll find out why I love this program so much.   I always say, just give me four days.    I’ve never had anyone do four days of the program, get on the scale on the morning of day five, quit and send it back.  Everyone loves the results.   But if you do decide this is not for you, Isagenix provides a money back guarantee.  Return the products for a full refund.   Ready to get started?   Call me 484-758-0008 or follow our self enrollment tour at

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