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Podcast: Point of Sale Closing with Sandi Ervin

Download this million dollar recorded call podcast… Organizational Mastery and Point of Sale Closing with Isagenix 2 Star Golden Circle Executive Sandi Ervin.

Sandi is a mother of seven, she home schools them, and she is able to close people in her business the first time she meets them.  Even if you are not in Isagenix, this woman has skills you ABSOLUTELY require to get your business to the next level.   This is a call you do not want to miss!

You can call in to 605-475-4099, pin 338093#, then press 8 when asked for the reference number and # and you’re good to go.
— Press 1 to rewind 30 seconds.
— Press 2 to fast forward 30 seconds.
— Press 5 to pause.

You can download an MP3 of the call using the following link…
Isagenix 2-Star, Sandi Ervin speaks to Stacy Moscotti on a January 29, 2013 conference call

Shedding for the Wedding and Team Cope : Get Healthy would like to THANK Stacy Moscotti and Sandi Erving for this incredible content!

–Tracey Cope–

Original Annoucement

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